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We had an excellent week of Japan Relief Fundraising with over a hundred dollars raised for Japan Relief by selling three dollar bracelets. All of the money is going to Japan Red Cross and today was the last day that we sold them outside the school cafeteria. Do not forget that tomorrow, April 16th, we have two events planned. Each is at the same time, but of course different locations. We have the Easter Egg Hunt with the East Greenbush Youth Department and the Adopt a Highway with Business Aliance. The Easter Egg Hunt is located at the East Greenbush Town Park from 9:00am through 11:00am and we will be watching the young children making they are safe while they search for Easter Eggs throughout the park. The Adopt a Highway is again from 9:00am through 11:00am but it is with the Business Alliance where we will be cleaning around the highway picking up garbage to help clean the community. Anyone going to the Adopt a Highway should meet at Park Ave accross from Fuccilo on 9 & 20. It would be greatly appreciated if you all could attend one of these events if possible because we are aware that many are going away for vacation.
This is a great way to kick off Spring Break, but dont forget we have a meeting the Thursday we return.
Graham Malia
5/12/2011 06:56:11

Well Jerry you are clearly the best webmaster we have ever had.


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