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As you guys have heard, the 64th annual Leadership Training Conference is approaching, and quick! It is $250 for each student. But remember, you have to have paid dues in order to attend LTC. More payment information will be announced soon. It is highly encouraged that newly-elected officers attend LTC to learn about their new position and their duties. However, even if you are not a newly-elected officer it is still encouraged that you go! Everyone can take something out of LTC, and it is an overall grand experience.

Now, if you are interested in LTC, there are certain things you must do in order to attend. We will be submitting payments together as a club, so try to attend the upcoming meetings to learn the minor details regarding LTC. The specifics will still be posted online, but it is good to attend the next few meetings to ask any question you may have.

The application for registering for LTC can be found here, along with the qualifications for the Distinguished Key Clubber award and a link to the Book of Merits for other awards and contests. For any questions, feel free to contact President Jillian Dolder at jilliandolder@yahoo.com or come to the next meeting.

As well as hosting great workshops and fun activities, LTC also kicks off the start of the 2012-2013 Key Club service year. A new service year means new officers, which also means we need to have elections for our own CHS Key Club. Elected Positions include:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Webmaster
  • Editor

For more information on these positions, click here.

Nominations for these positions will be at the next meeting: 
     January 31, 2012.
Elections for these positions will be at the following meeting:
     February 7, 2012.
It is very important that members attend to both vote or even run for an officer position! Remember if you are running for an officer position please have a short speech prepared for the date of teh el

Please stay in tune at our Facebook page or here on our website for other announcements regarding LTC and elections.

-Webmaster Jerry Cimo

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