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We have two planed meeting for this summer. The meeting dates are:
  1. July 13
  2. August 17
Both of these regular meeting will start promptly at 5:00pm and will end around 6:00pm and are for all club members (if you are an incoming freshman feel free to come if you plan on joining in September). After each of these regular meetings will be a board meeting for club officers. The board meeting will end around 6:45pm. The location of both the regular and board meetings will be at president Jillian Dolder's house located at 202 Miller Rd, Castleton-on-the-Hudson NY, 12033 (right off exit 10 on I90). Please RSVP to Jillian by July 10 for the July 13 meeting and by August 15 for the August 17 meeting. We will need an RSVP in order to know how much food there should be. You can email Jillian @ jilliandolder@yahoo.com

Hope to see you there!
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