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Hey everyone, sorry for the delay, but here are the new officers!
Jerry Cimo- President
Megumi Ullrich- Vice President
Christian Mitchell- Secretary
Graham Malia- Treasurer
Mitchell Tu- Editor
Jada Scott- Webmaster
As you guys have heard, the 64th annual Leadership Training Conference is approaching, and quick! It is $250 for each student. But remember, you have to have paid dues in order to attend LTC. More payment information will be announced soon. It is highly encouraged that newly-elected officers attend LTC to learn about their new position and their duties. However, even if you are not a newly-elected officer it is still encouraged that you go! Everyone can take something out of LTC, and it is an overall grand experience.

Now, if you are interested in LTC, there are certain things you must do in order to attend. We will be submitting payments together as a club, so try to attend the upcoming meetings to learn the minor details regarding LTC. The specifics will still be posted online, but it is good to attend the next few meetings to ask any question you may have.

The application for registering for LTC can be found here, along with the qualifications for the Distinguished Key Clubber award and a link to the Book of Merits for other awards and contests. For any questions, feel free to contact President Jillian Dolder at jilliandolder@yahoo.com or come to the next meeting.

As well as hosting great workshops and fun activities, LTC also kicks off the start of the 2012-2013 Key Club service year. A new service year means new officers, which also means we need to have elections for our own CHS Key Club. Elected Positions include:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Webmaster
  • Editor

For more information on these positions, click here.

Nominations for these positions will be at the next meeting: 
     January 31, 2012.
Elections for these positions will be at the following meeting:
     February 7, 2012.
It is very important that members attend to both vote or even run for an officer position! Remember if you are running for an officer position please have a short speech prepared for the date of teh el

Please stay in tune at our Facebook page or here on our website for other announcements regarding LTC and elections.

-Webmaster Jerry Cimo
These past couple of months, the members of our very own Columbia High School Key Club planned and held their annual Concerns-U book drive. Concerns-U is a local non-profit organization aimed to help under-privileged families provide gifts to their children during the holiday season. However, unlike past years, this most recent book drive had tremendous results. This year the Key Clubbers tried a different technique, which most likely led to their success. They turned the book drive into a competition hoping it would lead to greater donations for Concerns-U. The criterion for the competition was simple; the guide room that collected the most books would be given a free breakfast one day before school. With the motivation of a possible in-school breakfast, the total number of books collected was over 2,250. “Golly Gee!” exclaimed Key Club President Jillian Dolder as the entire group gazed over a room filled with books. All of the books have since been donated to the Rensselaer Concerns-U, and Columbia High School Key Club plans on doing the same book drive again next year with hopes of an even greater turnout.

We will be attending the Making Strides Breast Cancer walk this Sunday in Albany. Please come to the meeting Thursday after school (tomorrow) to learn more about the location we are meeting at and also the time we will meet. If you can not attend the meeting and wish to attend the Making Strides Breast Cancer walk, please contact our president, Jillian Dolder, or one of our advisers. You can find there contact information here.

Also, make sure you are raising money!
  -Make Sally Strides Proud : )



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Our meeting that would usually be this coming tuesday has been moved to Thursday of the same week, same room, same time. Thank you
We have two planed meeting for this summer. The meeting dates are:
  1. July 13
  2. August 17
Both of these regular meeting will start promptly at 5:00pm and will end around 6:00pm and are for all club members (if you are an incoming freshman feel free to come if you plan on joining in September). After each of these regular meetings will be a board meeting for club officers. The board meeting will end around 6:45pm. The location of both the regular and board meetings will be at president Jillian Dolder's house located at 202 Miller Rd, Castleton-on-the-Hudson NY, 12033 (right off exit 10 on I90). Please RSVP to Jillian by July 10 for the July 13 meeting and by August 15 for the August 17 meeting. We will need an RSVP in order to know how much food there should be. You can email Jillian @ jilliandolder@yahoo.com

Hope to see you there!
Webmaster Jerry Cimo
Hey everyone, please go check out our new Columbia High School Key Club YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/ColumbiaKeyClub?feature=mhee. We will be uploading slideshows and videos of all the stuff that happens at our Key Club and most of them will also be in the videos tab of this website.
Today, June 7th, we had the annual Ice Cream Social at Goff Middle School. The 8th graders who are going to be attending Columbia High School next fall and will have the opportunity to join our Key Club. There was a great turnout at Goff with many students interested about joining Key Club next year. It was directly after school in a Goff classroom. We are all looking forward to a great year of service with these new members. At the Social we watched a video about Key Club, a slideshow of pictures from various events, answered questions, gave out prizes by ticket drawings, and also to top it off we all had delicious ice cream sundaes. 
Tomorrow, May 19th, we are having a brief meeting directly after school in N312 (the normal room) before going outside to clean up garbage around the school. Be sure to meet at N312 before going outside. We will be going around the outside campus of Columbia High School with garbage bags to clean up any garbage that is now plentiful after the snow has melted. Feel free to invite friends to come and help clean, and also if you prefer your own gloves rather than the plastic gloves provided it is encouraged you bringing them tomorrow.
Also, there will be no icebreaker at the meeting tomorrow so go and vote for the icebreaker here for the meeting next week (the poll is being continued and if you voted last week you can vote again, and if you did not, only vote once for the meeting next week).
We had an excellent week of Japan Relief Fundraising with over a hundred dollars raised for Japan Relief by selling three dollar bracelets. All of the money is going to Japan Red Cross and today was the last day that we sold them outside the school cafeteria. Do not forget that tomorrow, April 16th, we have two events planned. Each is at the same time, but of course different locations. We have the Easter Egg Hunt with the East Greenbush Youth Department and the Adopt a Highway with Business Aliance. The Easter Egg Hunt is located at the East Greenbush Town Park from 9:00am through 11:00am and we will be watching the young children making they are safe while they search for Easter Eggs throughout the park. The Adopt a Highway is again from 9:00am through 11:00am but it is with the Business Alliance where we will be cleaning around the highway picking up garbage to help clean the community. Anyone going to the Adopt a Highway should meet at Park Ave accross from Fuccilo on 9 & 20. It would be greatly appreciated if you all could attend one of these events if possible because we are aware that many are going away for vacation.
This is a great way to kick off Spring Break, but dont forget we have a meeting the Thursday we return.


    Jada Scott - Webmaster

    Contact me at


    for a quick survey

    Vote for the next Icebreaker HERE


    I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.


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